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Feral Fullbody Commission - Orcis - 3/4 by SpoodleButt

Little biased I know but still, I like to think I'm fair with my analysis's. The detail put into the picture is quite impeccable, the s...



Sharindan-dragon has started a donation pool!
496 / 1,000
No pressure to donate, just figured might as well put it up there and see if actually gets anything. (can't blame a guy for tryin :3)

If you wanna show some love to me it's greatly appreciated and I may do a raffle with some points and a picture for the winner/s, depends if it gains any tread so ya xD :iconrubcheeksplz:

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Tagged by Rhinorocket xP

1. You have to post ALL the Rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Tag 13 people. (if you can)
5. Tag-backs are ALLOWED. 


13 things about me:

1.) I live near the coast of Norther Territory Aus.
2.) I don't have any pets but severely want a husky. ;v;
3.) At first pretty quite and reserved when you meet me, but once I get a feeling of you I'm a loud mouth an super friendly. xP (except online xD)
4.) Currently in no relationship.
5.) Love to read comics an have huge collection of them!
6.) I try to be meticulous with my work regardless of what I'm doing. (unless feeling SUPER lazy or couldn't give a crap.)
7.) I can't get enough of chicken. It's quite possible my fave food almost. 
8.) I try to be as balanced in my arguments and not take one side unless its clearly obvious.
9.) I'm a tall person trapped in a small world ._. (i swear nothing is designed for 6ft people.......)
10.) I have so much video game collectibles its crazy :'D
11.) I have double jointed elbows. (shhh its not gross!) 
12.) I disdain coffee, an can barely tolerate coffee flavoured stuff.
13.) My fav colours are blues and recently has gone into purples funny enough. (mostly darker purples.)

13 questions to answer:

1.) If you could get a figurine of your favorite character, who would it be?
  - Huh tough one since i have like 5 of them which is Venom/Stitch. But if I could get an Ollie/Orcis/Kola figured that be great! ^^
2.) What's an interesting fact you learned this week?
  - Every 7yrs "every" single atom in your body is replaced making you a different being, but same consciousness.
3.) What book/movie/show do you read/watch repeatedly?
  - For books definitly anything Venom, Deltora! Movies hmm probably anything disney animated or Inception. As for shows definitly gotta be FMA (full metal alchemist.), Friends, Scrubs.
4.) What's your favorite weather phenomenon?
  - I've only experienced heavy rain where you can't see 3 steps in front of you so yeah. :/ Since I've never seen snow before nor do we have Autumn where I live.
5.) Do you like to collect anything?
  - I have a crap ton of Gaming Figurines, Statues, Comics/Graphic Novels, Art Books, Pkm Cards and a couple plushies! (like yoshi, stitch an toothless :3)
6.) Do you pay attention to lyrics in songs or no?
  - Yeah I prefer to listen to music with nice vocals an then pay attention the lyrics. 
7.) Do you have any hobbies outside of art/literature?
  - Well playing video games, comics, an binge watching shows!
8.) What animal do you most associate with?
  - Definitely a crocodile for sure. (heres looking at you Ollie xP) They are lazy, opportunistic, can have bursts of energy an are fairly patient.
9.) What's a thing you didn't think you'd like, but turns out you do like it?
  - Ahh well funny enough I got two for this. First was bacon honestly thought since was bad for you it wasn't very tasty so didn't try it for a long time. Same thing with peanut butter on bread >w< an that was only just this year trying peanut buttter on bread! :O
10.) Are you superstitious?
  - Nope. But certainly feels like i get bad luck sometimes...........................................................................
11.) Do you like sweet things or savory things more?
  - DID YOU SAY SWEETS?!?! WHERE!?!?! TELLL ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12.) How do you feel about snakes?
  - I love snakes~ They like my top 5 animals! Just don't want a poisonous one xD
13.) Whats a song that you relate to the most? (aka "hits you right in the feels")
  - I have a few of them. 


13 questions to ask:

1) How long do you spend on the Internet a day?
2) Do you go out much or prefer to stay at home?
3) Do you work or plan to start working soon?
4) Do you enjoy going to the Cinema to see a movie?
5) Would you rather have siblings or be an only child?
6) What kind of music are you into?
7) Do you plan on visiting other countries?
8) What animal do you most associate with? (I like this question so keeping it, as its very cerebral.)
9) Do you like veggies at all?
10) Do you like anime??
11) Do you have an pets??
12) Are there any animals that scare you?
13) Whats your dream job?

I'll leave the tags out but suggest that LittlemissStitch, Reapsolomen should give it a go hehe x3
  • Listening to: It has Begun by Starset
  • Reading: Venom Graphic Novel
  • Watching: Game Grumps.
  • Playing: League of Legends / Diablo 3 / BLOP3
  • Eating: Pizza :D
  • Drinking: Hot milo cause cold!


Cameron Smith
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: My house in the Northern Territory
deviantWEAR sizing preference: L
Favourite genre of music: ROCK/ metal/ little bit of rap/ emo
Favourite style of art: Myn
Operating System: Windows 7 & OSX Lion
MP3 player of choice: Iriver or Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Stitch, Ben 10, Upgrade,
Personal Quote: "live life as if it were your last"

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Commission Page *CLOSED* by Sharindan-dragon

A Gift to Me:
I received this picture of Orcis by a very amazing artist called :icontsaoshin:. Out of the kindness of his heart he decided to draw my OC and I only knew about it when I had woken up in the morning I checked FB and there it was my oc on my feed without me posting it. I was super shocked to see cause I didn't think it would happen. But I love it, it looks amazing and just appreciate all the effort he put into it and the time.

Thank you I really love it. (link to the pic

Request I made:
This was a request I made from :iconartsypanda21: she was doing a "Colour Palette Challenge" and i saw that there was a good colour range for Orcis so I decided to note her if she could do the amazing piece she did! I love it :squee:!!!!

Color palette challenge! #6 by artsypanda21

This was done as a gift from BAYAR3AB3AST on a couple of comments we had on one of my pictures and she decided to draw it out xD I love it! Plz check her art out and thanx for drawing it!

A Whole New World by BAYAR3AB3AST

Stitch Fan Button by HeroRivalShadow2 Lilo and Stitch Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Typhlosion Fan Button by HeroRivalShadow2 Greninja Fan Button by Amity-And-Sorrow
Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Pokemon Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Reuben Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Cloud Strife Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Yveltal Fan Button by ButtonsMaker DragonBall Z Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Organization XIII Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Cut the Rope Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
V-mon Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Fan Button by ButtonsMaker



Has anyone's Google Chrome gone full dumb mode and gotten bigger even though screen res stayed normal?? ._.
Umm has anyones Notification just glitched up on them hard???
Sometimes I wonder why I even play League of Legends.

The community has to be the most toxic and filled with idiots that I've come across. Like good god.... ._.
I've found SAI makes me a lazy artist. That stabilizer is OP when i go back to PS i feel like a brain dead idiot ._.

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