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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 24, 2014, 7:34 AM
Lets go take a walk for one last time.

We started so long ago, we've traveled so far from home. But one day at a time we'll make it to the end, but little did we know. As the journey began there you were passing in the snow, drudging through one step at a time like as if it was nothing at all. I tried to tap your shoulder but you kept walking without falter, just looked up merely said " another good day friend?"; I carried on following him drudging on like there was no end. Days had seeped to nights and back again, till we stopped abruptly and he looked to the sun which shined brilliantly, he said "looks like the sun finally decided came out huh?"; as the snow had subsided. As we traveled on-wards we heard lots of sounds, they started to sound like a huge symphony was being played, just like back in the place we called home. Seems like forever since we'd been home or at least what he called home. As for myself I had been moving around from place to place to ever really call one place my true home. But he made his home so welcoming and had provided the warmth of what a real home was; after the chaos had started because of my selfish actions.

Throughout our travels there were moments where the calm and serene landscapes and the company of each other had been enough to satisfy any person and forget their troubles. We were very fortunate as there were no true struggles to face, just the normal hardships of the weary travelers and his load. His face was as good-natured and calm since the day he found me and still is now, in these ever lasting moments we had together. As time goes on I felt I was getting stronger but at the same time, still so very useless to help, but it didn't seem to worry him as his volition was ironclad. At this point there hasn't been a moment without worry if any hardships weren't conquerable, no trial to hard to achieve, but like all good things surely somethings have to end right?.

We pressed on and as we normally did, the feeling of getting close to what we had been striving for was coming to an end; he had muttered out loud "just one more day I suppose friend. Seems like this adventure is drawing to a close; but hopefully we get out of this for the better huh" as he smiled to show there would be nothing wrong. Except on this day however the sun was neither present nor brilliant, but grey and motionless, the symphony of sounds had died down to a mere murmurer. From what it looked like to me, we were reaching a mountainous footpath, there were lots of folds and crevasses that looked deep to the onlooker but the path itself was straight and true. We kept going for a good while then he stopped again but this time his face was of concern. He placed me down near one of the deep folds, so I couldn't be seen by anyone. I tried to reach out and stop him, but nothing would stop him; he calmly looked at me smiled said "Hey just wait here everything is going to be fine, I'll be back before you can say sunsets a comin". I tried as hard as I could to say it but he had already left; all i could hear in the distance was fighting going down in the distance, I tried to muster up enough strength to lift my body up but it was no use i could only lift my arm at that time.

What seemed like an eternity but was only moments in time, i couldn't hear anything anymore the fighting had stop as it got darker, it ended to the intense sound of thunder and lightning lighting up the sky. Meanwhile I was still trying with all my might and strength to just even lift my own body up. I could only manage a slow crawl due to the potent dose poison I had been injected with before the chaos started; the paralysis it put my body in was nearly comatose and painful. Since then it has been a long time and the poison has started to wither through my body. I kept crawling and as I do the shock and realization starts setting in as the rain began to fall, now making it harder to crawl. As I drew nearer to the area of the fight, I notice the blood in the mud as I get closer to my dear friend. As I edge closer to him the mud starts to get thicker with blood, it begins to drench my clothes. I reach him with just a ghostly look on my face as to what has happened I say as a get to him "sunsets a comin" with tears running down my face as he looks at me with a grin on his face. All he does is smiles, whilst I have him in my arms, he drew a short breath and said "You've finally come back haven't you? I knew you would." with that big grin. I just nodded still being as weak as I was. He went on to say "I know I've put you in a bad position right now but believe me i think it was worth it don't you think??". I shook my head vigorously to disagree with what he said. But he drew another quick breath this time and continued as the rain hit his face "Yeh yeh I know; but hey you couldn't have stopped me even if you had the power to little britches. I just... I just want you too keep moving on. You'll be my gift to the world.". I kept shaking my head with tears just running down as he was saying these thing, knowing this was going to be our final moments together. I raised my hand to his head for the last time, I touched his cheek as he slowly closed his eyes and gave one last smile to show everything was going to be alright for me.

This was his last moments in this world; his courage and volition to keep his friend safe was undying. As I laid there helpless to save him from that fate; it took every ounce of strength to get to him when I did and the absolute devastation of him gone, is still carried with me to this day. I buried him where he was lay; I took his weapon stabbed it into the ground as a sign of respect of his memory and walked into the sunset that cast a serene light of rose coloured sky.

I looked back one last time at his grave and muttered with a tear running down "Sunsets a comin".

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Hello one and all!
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There is a group that i'm apart of called :iconstitch-and-stuff: I just became an admin of; it's gladly appreciated if ya have a quick look see, if your a Lilo & Stitch Fan (like myself!! haha). They/we are always looking for more L&S art and members so dont be shy . And even if your not a huge fan, they/we have some cool pics getting added each day. If your considering joining just "Jump and do it" like i say cause i highly doubt they/we will turn ya down. Its a really friendly atmosphere too, should you decide to talk to someone there!

Always have fun!

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